Extensive interactions between different expressions like power, beauty, perfection and fragileness of the human body are focal points of my work. By expressing key aspects and feelings of the human existence in sculptures and paintings I can convey and explore the complexity of the existence through one of the most beautiful form in nature.

I breathed and touched art and history in the old and magnificent German city of Dresden where I grow up. When I moved to California I had the opportunity to focus my life around the beautiful and challenging world of art. As I often use my fingers directly as tools for my sculptures and paintings I can directly transfer my feelings into my work.

Major Exhibitions

2009 Personal Expression - Costal Arts League Museum, Half Moon Bay, CA

2006 Pacific Art League - Palo Alto, CA

2006 Minds Eye Gallery - Cambell , CA

2006 Hakone Garden Ceramic Show - Saratoga, CA

2006 San Jose Art Festival, CA

2005 Sobi Gallery, Burlingame, CA

2005 Fort Masion Art Show - San Francisco, CA

2005 Interior Sculpture Exhibition City of Santa Clara, CA

2004 South Bay Art Momentum - San Jose, CA 20040 Marin Society of Arts - Main, CA

2003 City of Santa Clara - Interior Sculpture Exhibition

2003 Many Hands Gallery - Capitola, CA

2001 San Jose Art League, CA 

Harriet at the Palm Springs Art Show in 2011

Harriet at the Palm Springs Art Show in 2011